Though the world sourcing is just a click away, finding the right partner and right source within a particular country is an extremely difficult task. What may look just an email away is actually still out of reach due to problems related to local business understanding and conditions in a particular region.

It is here the Agile Nobel uses its exposure to the World Markets and especially in China and India to expand and enhance business through following services:

Business Areas:

Chemicals Sourcing
Your need for any type of chemical is just a click away. Just provide us with the requirement and specifications and we get back to you with the most economical option available. Silica and Alumina Chemicals and Inorganics are our competencies.

Technological and Commercial Collaborations
It’s a small and integrated world. No technology or technique remains monopolistic for long. Instead of competitors poaching the same, why not expand through collaborations across the world? India offers one of the largest and fastest growing markets for all types of products and services. No producer can miss out the India Advantage. Local markets need local solutions and what works in one country may not work in other.

‘Collaboration’ and ‘Glocalisation’ are the need of the hour!
We assist in finding right partners for your required products and services and lessen your burden of ‘web search’!
Packaging Materials SourcingPackaging Materials Sourcing

Packaging Materials Sourcing
Global Trade is booming. So is the requirement to pack and ship the goods in the best possible manner. While packaging looks like a very simple sourcing, in reality it has a lot of technical aspects associated with it.

What may be presumed as the ‘best packing method’ could in reality be an ‘obsolete’ standard. Many a times, product rejections occur due to improper use of packaging materials. AgileNobel has a strong technical experience and sourcing capabilities for various export packing materials related to:

  • Food products, fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Pharmaceuticals and APIs
  • Electronics
  • Moisture Sensitive Commodities
  • A solution to your problem/requirement is just an email away!

Education Collaboration
We live in a borderless world but still hardly know how the education systems in other countries work! To network and integrate together, understanding of local education, language and cultures is a must.

Companies take ages to settle down and start operating properly due to lack of proper knowledge about the systems of a particular nation.

For academic institutions and societies it is all the more important to have a trans-national presence and help their students understand the nuances of education and learning methodologies being used in other nations.

Global Educational Awareness is an imperative for all countries whether developed, developing or under developed and can reap rich dividends for the economy.

AgileNobel can help Organisations locate the right institution/organisation in India.

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