Data Loggers/ Digital Monitoring Devices

AgileNobel proudly represents Marathon Products, Inc. USA in Indian sub-continent. Marathon Products, Inc. is a leader in sensor-based ata-capture analytic devices that measure temperature, humidity, CO2 and vibration.

The intelligent sensors, used for shipping, storage or stationary applications can provide precision real-time data capture, globally, for all of life's essentials. For 26 years now, Marathon has been designing state-of-the-art data collecting solutions that cover cryogenic to high temperature applications.

Customers being served include Mylan, Johnson&Johnson, Teva, NASA, Health deptt. USA, Japan and other major food and pharmaceutical companies.

The wide range of monitoring devices is captured in list below and has many variants and versions within the main devices.

  • Cryogenic data loggers
  • Dry ice data loggers
  • Temperature and humidity loggers
  • -80 deg. Temp. logger/ data logger
  • -200 deg. Temp. logger
  • -196 deg. Temp. logger
  • Single use temperature logger
  • Multi use temperature logger
  • Pocket Probes for Temperature and Humidity
  • Temperature and Humidity Loggers with and without LCD display
  • -80 Deg. Temp. Logger to +380 Deg. Temp. Logger
  • Cryogenic Data temperature Loggers
  • Dry Ice Data temperature Loggers
  • Liquid Nitrogen Temperature data Logger.
  • Vibration, Humidity and Temperature Logger
  • Strip Chart Recorders
  • Warm Mark and Cold Mark Labels
  • 18.Pen Type Hygrometers
  • Infrared Laser Thermometers
  • USB ready RFID Based Single Use and Multi-Use Loggers
  • Temperature Stickers
  • Cloud-based analytical devices that measure temperature, humidity, CO2 and vibration
  • Wi-Fi Temperature and Humidity Monitoring for Hospitals, Laboratories and Research
  • Wireless and Network enabled 8 Channel Data Logger
  • Digital Dual Sensor Thermal Temperature Data Logger for industrial and remote monitoring of refrigerated, ambient and high temperature applications
  • Digital Dual Sensor Thermal Temperature Data Logger for cryogenic industrial and remote monitoring applications.
  • GPS and Bluetooth enabled loggers

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