This is the science of fabrication from the ‘nano-metric’ or 10—9 scale level.

The molecules are developed through a bottoms up approach meaning starting from the single molecule and developing the matrix over it to get the desired product, size and properties.

NanoTech offers a wide arena of applications and is proposed to be the science of the future. It is already finding use in as diverse applications as possible from medical to food to defence to material sciences.

Agile Nobel works with one of the best academic institutions and professionals who have years of experience in the field of Nanotechnology and have done exemplary work in synthesis and production of Nano materials.

Products Produced

*Nano Silica * Nano Alumina *Nano Copper * Nano Silver * Nano Iron * Nano Zinc

The products are synthesized under the best quality control and monitoring set up and is backed by the analysis reports and COAs derived through the state of art testing equipments including SEM, TEM, XRD, etc.

More information can be shared against specific requirements. All test reports and particle characterization data, graphs and analysis available as per requirements.

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