Monitoring Devices to Monitor, Track, Secure Your Precious Products during Storage and Sea Voyage

Temperature and Humidity are 2 critical parameters responsible for Deterioration, Spoilage and Rejection of Sensitive Products like Fruits, Vegetables, Flowers, Medicines, API’s etc.

World over, Temperature and Humidity are measured using these devices to ensure proper environment for products.

Monitoring and Control helps in keeping environment of CA( Controlled Atmosphere) Areas, Reefer Containers ,Cold Storages, Pack Houses and other areas.

All products are US /EU approved and are among the best in the world.

Products Available:

  • Pocket Probes for Temperature and Humidity
  • Transit Data Loggers
  • Warm Mark and Cold Mark Labels
  • Pen Type Hygrometers

All these devices are a must for total control and monitoring of your COLD CHAIN.

Specifications, Brochures and packing details are available as per specific requirements.

Let us know your problems and queries. We will give our best solutions and recommendations for the same.

Monitor Well and Be Sure about the Quality of Your Products and Your Customers will never get a Chance to Complain!

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